5 tips for an amazing orgasm – Number 3 is important


5 tips for an amazing orgasm


Sex for girls is quite different from the way men views it. While guys can have sex without having to be in the mood, ladies need to be in the mood before the act itself. According to a sex therapist, if your woman’s mind is filled with the thoughts of work. laundry, financial problem and any other thing that makes her worry, chances are, she will never have orgasm after a sexual act. So, how can you take your sex life higher from being a boring one to a pleasurable one? The tips stated below will be of help; and you, of course, you can thank me later. These tips should help you get an amazing orgasm


5 tips for an amazing orgasm

  • Take it up a notch

One of the first tips to getting a better orgasm is pumping things up a bit. The best way to go about this is by starting what is known as Kegels. There are few muscles we don’t strengthen when we go to the gym; one of which is the muscles in the pelvic floor.

To get a stronger contraction, you need to do Kegel exercise often. The muscle to contract here is the one responsible for controlling the urine flow. Exhale slowly while you contract the muscle, then inhale as you release the muscle. Do 10 reps, three times daily. Kegel exercise can be done anywhere.

  • Burn it up!

Alright, this is just a phrase which I’m using loosely. Remember R Kelly’s song? Talking about the room being on fire metaphorically speaking. We often neglect the ‘temperature’ factor when trying to achieve a powerful orgasm. But it is quite important. A study revealed in Netherland showed that women have over 30 percent chances of achieving orgasm. So, do something about this; put on sucks while having sex with your partner or a massage – all of these should warm your feet if you know what I mean.

  • For an amazing orgasm – Foreplay is very important.

Sex without foreplay is no sex at all. Before penetration, start with foreplay, light touches on sensitive parts to get things heated up – this should leave your partner begging for more. Fondle, touch, massage, and kisses here and there. In general, your partners should play with your sensual parts and vise – Versa.

  • Toys

Sexual tools and toys are designed to increase sexual sensation in the room. Like we said earlier, foreplay makes orgasm possible, this also applies to sexual tools and toys. There is some erotic product that is worth investing in; tools like lubes and toys like vibrators can do the magic.

  • To experience orgasm – you need to get lost in the moment.

Sex is nothing if and when the mind and the body od the two or more people involved aren’t connected. Your mind and body need to be connected. For a lady, sex is more than a mental thing. Let go of those thoughts that can turn off the sensual mood and intimacy. Connect emotionally with your partner; this strengthens the quality of intimacy and sexual acts between the two people involved.

There you have it, these tips will help you get a better orgasm. If you’ve got more to add to this, leave a comment in the comment section below. Cheers!

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