A life filled with Purpose – The needed steps

Life filled with purpose

The needed steps to living a life filled with Purpose.

We all want to live a life filled with purpose, at least some of us consciously make choices to help us achieve that. There are lots of people out there who are currently struggling with their life choices. Creating their dream career and life in general. This can be pretty difficult, but I come bearing gifts. Yes! Rather than focusing on the “How”, why not pay attention to ways or things to do to help identify your calling.

If that’s what brought you here, then I congratulate you. We will do whatever it takes to make sure that once you are done reading this article, you would have figured out what needs to be done.

  1. Step 1: Recognize the definition of life – what life means.

This is kind of complex, because what you define life as is quite different from how I define mine.  We view life differently. Nobody can tell you what life means to you. But when you feel it, you recognize it. living a life of purpose requires doing what’s important, I’m talking about things that would help you align your values and beliefs to things that matter.

  1. Step 2: It’s within you.

When people talk about finding your purpose, a lot of people believe that it means searching far and wide to find what defines you. But the truth is, recognizing who you are is more about tapping into your inner self. Your calling can only be found within you, not on the horizon.

To know what your calling is, you need to first deal with your worries. Stop troubling yourself over what you need to do or say right. What you might want to avoid is basing the quality of your calling on how good it sounds to the ears.

  1. Step 3: It’s about you, not them!

How do you know you are not doing what you want? The simplest answer to that is when you don’t follow your guts. Trust me, no one knows you better than you. So, why would you want to care so much about what other people think? The only way to stand out from the crowd is standing out from the crowd. That sounds weird, right? Well, it does! But standing out requires thinking for yourself. What is right for you might not be right for me. Get it?

  1. Step 4: It’s OK to be scared!

It is OK to be scared. Take action even when you feel the fear. So, it takes time to align with your purpose, but that doesn’t mean you should take forever to get there. As humans, we are always scared of things we don’t understand. It is OK to be scared. What is not OK is letting that stop you from doing what needs to be done. Fear is part of being a human, but it shouldn’t rule you (even though it will if you let it). You won’t be able to achieve a life filled with purpose if you can’t face your fears.

  1. Bonus: Always put yourself in check.

The world is a vacuum filled with rat races of different levels. We get detached from reality as we do our daily jobs but there is a solution to this. When you wake up in the morning, prioritize your activities for the day. Doing these activities depending on their level of importance.

  1. Bonus: You are all you need.

My last point is recognizing the fact that you are all you need. This may be pretty odd or quite difficult at first. But, with time, you will get used to it. Everything you need is within you. Your will to succeed and to get things done is the first thing you need to get things done. The moment you realize that which lies within you, then becoming what you are meant to be is inevitable.

Practice all of these steps. They are the major ingredients to having a life filled with Purpose.

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