How do you balance work and Life: Here is how

Work and life

How do you balance work and Life?

In our last article, we made mention of work – fun balance, though we didn’t say much about it. Well, not to worry, we will do that right now. There is no magic wand, no instant solution to getting a perfect work-life balance, but what you can have are different tactics which will enable you to find a grey part of both sides. Helping you ease the pressure and absorb more happiness. In today’s article, we will be sharing with you ways to help you balance work and life.

In this article, we will be sharing with you, ways to manage your work-life balance. So, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy.

  1.  You need to know what you need to sacrifice.

Listen, I will come out straight with you. Finding a healthy balance between your work (either as an entrepreneur and every nine-to-fiver) requires making a whole lot of sacrifice. Making these sacrifices is important to achieve the needed work-lifefe balance.

But its not just about making these sacrifices, you also need to recognize the sacrifices and knowing what to hold on to (the non-negotiable things). For instance, you can start by eliminating events that are not worth investing in. You need to prioritize for the sake of your time and finance.

  1. You need to know your Well – Being.

Your well – being is important. I’ve heard lots of people say: “I don’t have time to take care of myself.” Trust me, don’t let your time control you, instead, you should be able to control your time. You should be able to squeeze out 30 minutes a day to take good care of yourself. Remember, eat healthily and get enough rest.

A way to feel less anxious stressed and have the strength to the parent your kids deserve is only by taking good care of yourself. So, take note of that.

  1. You need the Ivy Lee Method.

For those who don’t know what the Ivy Lee Method is, it is a method developed by, yep! You guessed right, Ivy Lee. This was in 1918, but it is still been used today. How does it work? When your children have been tucked in at night, take 15 minutes and pen down six ‘important’ things you need to get done tomorrow. Now, when you get to work the next day, you get these things done based on their order of importance.

  1. Touch it once.

You need to touch it once. Yes! according to Productivity Expert, Nicole Bandes, “We take so much time doing something and then redoing something because we didn’t do it fully the first time,” So, what’s the solution? Making use of the “touch it once” rule.

Reminds you of David Allen’s “2 Minute” rule. It talks about acting immediately on things. Whenever you touch anything, such as a folder or a mail that needs to file, should be filed immediately. This will help you get things done immediately. Do you know what procrastination does to our health-wise? The “touch it ones” help prevent mind and workspace cluttering.

  1. Teamwork

What do we mean by teamwork? Get your kids involved in some things. I’m not saying that this should be on a full – time basis. There are ways to get your kids involved in your business. In short, get your kids involved with what you do (your work). They could be more hands-onon. We’ve all heard stories of Successful Entrepreneurs who started their business with their kids. When trying to balance work and life, teamwork is one ingredient you shouldn’t ignore.

For instance, your kids can help you out with your daily routine. Ann Dewitt once said, “Take or draw pictures of each step as a visual reminder of the next step in the process.” Ann, speaking with Fatherly said “Kids should be involved in making and adapting the routine, so they have buy-in and ownership of it. A skin-in-the-game or buy-in isn’t something we need to impose on our kids. You’ll find they love it, and it’s helping them to learn a great habit that will benefit them for a lifetime.”

Remember, sometimes, you will make mistakes. Days will come when life will show you that she (life) doesn’t care about your schedule. At this point, you need to accept this as it is out of your control. But at the end of it all, never give up. Keep going, that’s what matters.

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