Cold Weather isn’t as bad as you think – Here is why?

Cold Weather isn’t as bad as you think – Here is why.

Beyond the negative effect of cold weather and how uncomfortable it might seem. Studies have shown that cold weather is not as bad as we think. In this article, I will be sharing with you some of the benefits that come with cold weather – I know that sounds weird, but, it’s the truth. So, get your blanket and hot cocoa while I take you on a cold-weather ride – hmmm, that didn’t sound right! Anyways, some of the benefits of cold weather are highlighted below.

cold weather

6  Some Benefits that come with cold weather.

  1. It activates brown fat.

One of the shocking benefits of cold weather lies in its ability to activate brown fats which helps diabetic people. When the brown fat is activated, the excess glucose in the blood is then absorbed. The more exposed a diabetic patient is, the higher the sensitivity of the insulin – interestingly, this doesn’t just affect diabetic patients, it applies to everyone; this is according to Denis Blondin, one of the researchers at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Sherbrooke in Quebec. In simple terms, cold weather fights diabetes.

  1. It boosts your brain.

It is said that the cold temperature can help you think more clearly. According to a study that was published in 2017 from Stanford University, it is believed that people perform at an optimum level when it cold. Performing cognitive tasks such as staying calm and making decisions. During this period, you become less impulsive. The secret behind this is that the brain requires glucose to perform optimally (or function), but in the summer, your body uses most of it to keep your temperature down, these leaves less glucose for your brain to work with – now, you get it.

  1. Decreases allergies.

Unless you are allergic to mould which is rampant in the rainy season, some allergies are known to subside when it’s cold. The allergies triggered by grasses, trees or even weed pollen aren’t active during the winter season or rainy season (if you stay in Nigeria).

  1. Lets you sleep better.

We all can relate to this. Remember when you were a kid and how the sound of the rain or the cold weather would make you sleep better? Well, guess what, it’s real. The reason behind that? We can only sleep when our body temperature drops, this process takes about 2 hours in the dry season (summer). But it is way faster than that in the Rainy Season (winter).

  1. Cold Temperature helps to burn calories.

Our core temperature is 37 degree Celsius when the temperature is cold, our body tries to make sure the core temperature doesn’t go below that threshold. Now, our body uses a lot of energy to make sure that our body stays warm.

  1. Cold Weather Helps fight infection.

We all know that flu thrives in dry air even though it’s a known fact that people are easily infected with the virus during the winter period. But frigid temperatures activate our immune system; what this does is to enhance our ability to fight infections and stay off it.




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