DIY Home Remedies for But Bites – It is Effective.

DIY Home Remedies for But Bites – It is  Effective.

For people who usually sleep on the floor, then the popular ‘Eka’ as the Yorubas will call it shouldn’t be a new thing to you; especially the sting and how painful it is. If what you want is to relieve the pain of bug bites, look no further, we’ve got you covered. Here are some DIYs home remedies for bug bites. It actually works for all bug bites. Trust me, we all hate the sting and itch of bug bites. The remedies include:

bug bites

Some DIY Home Remedies for Bug Bites.

  • Baking Soda combined with Lavender Paste.

Mixing Lavender paste with Baking Soda is a great remedy of both children and adults. What the Baking Soda does is to help relieve the irritation in addition to the lavender. The Lavender, on the other hand, helps to soothe the affected spot on your skin. This remedy also helps children to release some of the emotional stress that comes with been bitten by a bug. With a mixture 25 drops of lavender essential oil and 2 tablespoons baking soda. Once you’ve done that, clean the affected spot and apply the mixture. Leave for 20-30 minutes and clean with a damp cloth.

  • Ice Cubes.

For relief from itching, sting, swelling, and other forms of discomfort, you can try icing it. So, why does this remedy work? first, the coldness relieves the pain and reduce the inflammation and swelling. Secondly, our sensory nerves can only communicate a limited amount of information to our brain, now, when you apply the ice, those nerves responsible for telling your brain that the affected spot is itchy will now tell your brain, that is no longer itchy, that it is now cold. Make sure you apply the ice one minute at a time.

  • Peppermint Essential Oil.

Peppermint Essential Oil doesn’t just work as prevention spray. They also give you soothing relief from bug bites. Professionals suggest that we use this remedy whenever we think we are in areas in your home that a hot spot of these bugs or when you are already exposed to them. You can dilute the application with sweat almond or coconut; which you can always find around you.

  • Plantain Leaves helps to relief bug bites.

Shocking right? Yea, Plantain leaves are known to help relieve the pains from bug bites. You can find it everywhere especially those that leave close to farms or swamp. My point is, you can always find it close to you. Amazingly, plantain leaves are known to have some wound-healing abilities, that is why plantain leaves are a perfect ingredient when mixing healing ointments or salves. Make sure these leaves are clean. Once you’ve picked the right quantity, mash them (you can use your fingers) and crush till the liquid substance can be gotten from it, you can then apply this substance on the affected spot.

  • Toothpaste.

What! yea, toothpaste works too. to stop that mosquito bite from itching, apply a little toothpaste and see the magic. Apply a minty toothpaste. Minty toothpastes are known to contain menthol which helps to cool the spot.

These DIY Home Remedies for Bug Bites are pretty effective. Let us know your thoughts.

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