Does she care about you? 5 Signs she does.

Does she care about you? 5 Signs she does.

Women are relatively simple to read; at least, that was what we were told. Trust me, that was just a text in a book. In reality, a woman can be pretty hard to read when you (as a man) is flirting with her. Sometimes, it could just be pure kindness or its just a mutual feeling. I know how you feel – you don’t want to be at the receiving end of a flashback to reality. You are sometimes scared she might turn you down. Well, I come bearing gifts; I will be sharing with you 5 signs you need to look out for. Does she care about you? let’s find out.

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5 Signs she cares about you.

  • She thinks you are funny – Now, thats a sign.

Ok! So, you told a ‘lame’ joke that guys didn’t find funny. Still, she finds this ‘lame’ joke funny, well, that could only mean one thing – she likes you. Richard Lippa/BBC study shows that women found humour as the most desired trait in a man. Being funny is not an objective thing, it is simply a sign of attraction. In simple terms, when a woman thinks that you’re funny, it is probably (8 out of 10) she finds you attractive.

  • She always has a reason to touch you – its a sign.

Trust me, this is one of the main signs to look out for. She keeps making up excuses to touch you or to be touched by you, it’s a sign – a very strong one. This interesting part is if this happens when you are having a casual interaction with her – I still don’t know why you haven’t asked her out yet. So, if she’s brushing her arms off yours, it’s a good sign; if she tries to dust off stains from your shirt, it’s a better sign; but when the hug gets longer than expected, now, that’s a perfect sign.

  • She makes eye contact with you – a lot.

Yea, I had to stress it (a lot). Sometimes, we make eye contact with people who we don’t necessarily find attractive. But, when she keeps locking eyes with you, it’s a telling sign she finds you attractive. Be careful though, it could just be that she has seen that face before. So. It’s always better to look out for more than one sign. Ladies usually have more than two signs they give off when they are attracted to someone.

  • It’s in her body language.

From the facial expression, eye movement, body posture, touch, to the use of space. You can’t miss it. When she’s talking to you, is her body angled at your position? When she sits, is her feet facing you? I mean dead on? Does she lean in when you talk to her? If that’s the case, then it’s one of the green lights that that girl is waiting for you to come to say ‘hi’ – if you know what I mean.

  • She questions you a lot.

This is the last sign on our list. Remember, there are more signs out there, you just need to explore. When a lady asks you questions, coupled with some other signs on this list, then, she likes you. ladies do this when they want to get your attention. But when she takes it further by asking you a personal question, then it’s the right sign.

Like I said earlier, these are just some of the signs to look out for. There are tons of signs out there. It’s mostly in non-verbal communication. But, make sure the exhibits more than one of these signs. Remember; it could just be that she’s been kind. Take Care.

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