Down on your motivational Juice? These should help


Down on your motivational Juice? These mind tricks will help.

To be successful in life, our motivational juice needs to be up there all the time. Sometimes, we feel like staying in our bed all day, not doing anything. You have loads of work to do, a project to execute at the office, clothes to park, house to clean and groceries to shop. All of these things won’t go if they are not handled. Someone’s got to do something about them.  If motivational juice is what thou seeketh, you will be getting a huge dose of it with these mind tricks.


5 Simple tricks to help fill your motivational juice.

  • The Perfect Success Picture.

What better way to refill your motivational tank by visualizing success in your mind? Visualize yourself already completing all of the jobs. Spend about 3 minutes visualizing this with your eyes closed, how does it feel? The brain does not know the difference between an imaginative thought and reality. What this will do is to trick your brain to believe that you’ve already done the job – cool, right? motivation is key to our everyday lives.

  • Always have a plan.

Not planning is one of the reasons why you feel like you’ve got no idea of what the next step should be. No idea simply means no actions. One word: ‘prioritize’, think about it – what needs to be done. Now, focus on the top priorities every day. The best way to do this is by creating a to-do list; make sure they aren’t more than 4 to 5 items on the list. Now, find a way to add it to your calendar like your everyday schedule. This is according to Elizabeth R. Lomrado Ph.D., M.S., P.T, and an author.

  • Focus.

One of the ways to get your motivational juice flowing is by staying focus. There isn’t a nice way for me to say “Cut out all of the distraction”. Tone all of it down. How do you do this? Turn off your phone, go off social media; this may sound a bit controversial but you need to put off your phone. nothing distracts us more than our smartphone. Doing this helps you clear your mind and you will ultimately become more efficient at what you do. Also, avoid multitasking, I know that makes you look smart, but it isn’t as productive as handling things one at a time.

  • Stop Procrastinating – not good for motivation

I won’t be exaggerating if I say the number one thing that dries up one’s motivation is procrastination. For anyone that’d like to grow, you need to avoid this in your everyday life. Don’t wait, go out there and kick some behind. Know this: there isn’t a perfect time to do anything, the right time is now.

  • Reward yourself – self motivation

Reward yourself for accomplishing anything – it could be a hangout with friends, massage, eating your favorite food, reading that book you’ve always wanted to read, or playing a video game. Incentivizing yourself allows you to reach your goal effectively.

  • Let others motivate you.

Sometimes, we want to do something but we are too weak to live ourselves up, but being inspired by others is great. If you are a woman experiencing setbacks; it could be in a project or any other spheres of life, all you have to do is read about a strong and famous woman who was once in your shoes. This will help you get your motivational juice back.

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