Having Intrusive thoughts? What it is and how to stop it!

Having Intrusive thoughts? What it is and how to stop it!

If you are having trouble stopping intrusive thoughts from causing conflicts and controlling you, then this is one article you need to read. One thing I know about intrusive thoughts is that they rob us of our happiness. They also stop us from feeling the happiness derived from the present. Now imagine having an interesting meeting with a potential business associate, you are already thinking this person is going to be “different”. But then, it hits you. an intrusive thought. You reminisce on your previous business partner who was supposed to be the right person. You start to wonder, “Can this person trust? The last guy betrayed me, thinking about it now….” And that, my friend, is how it all starts. You start doubting every word spoken by the new guy. So, if you are having intrusive thoughts, here are the things you need to know.

What are intrusive thoughts?

The world is a complex program, it runs on a complex line of different codes. There is always a continuous flow of thoughts coming in and out of our subconscious mind. We don’t control how these thoughts flow in and out of our mind. These thoughts just occur, we don’t have control over them.

But we can always take notes of these thoughts.  How is this possible? You can always control your thoughts by trying different forms of meditation. With meditation, you can create awareness, the only thing is, you can not engage with these thoughts. You can only observe – get it?

It would be great if these intrusive thoughts are of tooth fairies – just kidding. But we all wise these thoughts have a positive vibe around them. Unfortunately, these thoughts aren’t positive. These thoughts are negative feelings that are capable of snuffing out the happiness we have within us. They are unwanted guests that are very disturbing.

Different Forms of Intrusive Thoughts.

There are lots of intrusive thoughts out there. They are all disturbing in their ways. Using the word ‘disturbance’ to describe these intrusive thoughts is just being modest. Just as we said earlier, they appear in different forms. The types of intrusive thoughts include:

  • Violent


–         Having the thoughts of hurting an innocent person, either unintentionally or intentionally is an intrusive thought.

–         The thoughts of jumping in front of a moving vehicle.

–         Seeing a knife or any other tool that can be used as a weapon (something sharp), and creating a violent scene in your head.


  • Sex

– When you have the thoughts of committing a sexual crime. For example, having the thoughts of sexually abusing a child.

–         Having sex with inappropriate individuals: Your friend’s partner, a family member, or coworker.

–         When you start questioning your sexual preferences or sexuality as an individual.


  • Health-related thoughts.

–         When you obsess over a spot on your body. Thinking its an infection or something worse.

–         Having an obsessive thought of having a terminal disease.


  • Relationship

The last form of intrusive thoughts is in the form of relationship. They include:

–         Being worried over cheating on someone.

–         Always analyzing your feelings or that of your partners for you or the other way around.

–         Having doubtful thoughts about your current relationship.

How do you stop it?

Like I said in the past, you can’t stop these thoughts from coming in, you can only manage or stop them. So, how do you stop these thoughts? The ways of stopping these thoughts include:

  1. One of the ways of stopping these thoughts is recognizing that feeling. When it comes, you need to be aware of this. Be conscious, and you are good to go.
  2. The popup blocker technique. Do you recognize the pop-up blocker technique? If you don’t know what this is, it is about recognizing these thoughts, accepting it for what it is, then letting it pass by.
  3. You have to accept these thoughts. What? Why would I accept such a thought? Well, you’ve got to accept these thoughts.

Listen, at some point, we all have experienced intrusive thoughts. What makes us different is how we handle these thoughts. Some people manage it better than others. This doesn’t make you a bad person. Your brain is just doing its job, ‘thinking’. But what happens after these thoughts is totally up to you! that’s where you need to take charge. Cheers!


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