Your Human Rights and Limitations as a Nigerian.

Human Rights

Your Human Rights and Limitations as a Nigerian.

A country starts to slide into chaos the moment citizens can no longer express the rights as a citizen. A wise man once said your right as a citizen end was someone else’s starts. Unfortunately, as a citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, we don’t know our fundamental human rights. And that is bad, as we are often taken for a ride. Taking advantage of by people who know these rights but choose to use it against a fellow citizen or worse, people who are ignorant of these laws but choose to act ignorantly. Laws are meant to remind us that we are humans. Here are the human rights that you all should know as a citizen.

Your Fundamental Rights as a Nigerian.

  • Right to life.

This isn’t just a law. In the spiritual realm also, no matter the religion you belong, we all know that human life is the most valuable thing in life and should not be tampered with. Same applies to citizens as the constitution clearly states that no man should be intentionally deprived of his life. The exceptions are also clearly stated. Life can only be taken in defense of another person’s life in a case where the latter is faced with violence or any other unlawful act. Another exception is when someone is sentenced to death by a competent court. But in this case, only a judge can pass the death sentence.

  • Right to Personal Freedom/Liberty.

We all deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. This needs to be stated because when it comes to treating people with respect and dignity, it refers to people in any position. It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor.  This also applies to law enforcement agencies too. When a policeman maltreats a citizen because he has the power too, it is referred to as infringing on a person’s right.

  • Right to Dignity of Human Person.

Freedom, they say comes with its responsibilities, but this doesn’t change the fact that we all are entitled to our freedom. Every citizen is entitled to this right amongst other rights. For instance, you can not be arrested without any legal justification from anyone. No police officer can arrest you without providing a legal reason. This right also involves you acquiring knowledge at your own will. Not knowing this right is why many people are in prison today. Arrested for no just course. Did you know that when the police force arrests a citizen, what should be done is transferring the case file to the agency responsible for such case? But do they do that? unfortunately, not all the time. Most of the times, they don’t do that.

  • Freedom of Expression.

A country starts sliding into chaos when people can no longer express themselves. We all have the right to express ourselves wherever and whenever. Did you know that by insulting others for their opinion you are infringing on another person’s freedom to express him/herself? We need to be careful as citizens not to infringe on other people’s rights.

  • Freedom of Movement

Yes! As citizens of the federal republic of Nigeria, or any other country at that, you have the right to move about so far as your movement is not in any way affecting other people’s freedom to move about too. Does that sound familiar to you? when a government official decides to push everyone off the road because he wants to drive through, he is directly infringing on your rights as a citizen.

  • Right to Own properties.

You have the rights as a citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to own properties. Properties such as cars, houses, and or any other property of your choice. Just make sure you are using your money to acquire these properties. And of course, I need not tell you that the money has to be from a legal means.

The importance of knowing your rights as a citizen can never be overemphasized. There you have it. We’ve highlighted all the human rights you need to know.

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