Polytechnics in Nigeria this 2019 – All you need to know.

Polytechnics in Nigeria

Polytechnics in Nigeria this 2019 – All you need to know.

After going through a whole lot of stress trying to gain admission into an institution, we find ourselves at the mercy of a bad educational system in the country. Polytechnics in Nigeria have suffered educationally, and not to talk of the stigma people subconsciously attach to these schools. But as we speak, they are filling some gaps in Nigeria’s educational system. Unlike what people think about the Polytechnics being schools where students can easily secure admission unlike the rigorous admission process faced when trying to gain admission into universities.

They are doing more. Talk about Practical and firsthand experience rather than the theoretical knowledge which we’ve always complained about. In this article, we will be sharing with you all you need to know about Nigeria’s Polytechnics, including their cut-off marks and tuition fees.

Polytechnics in Nigeria – The Tuition Breakdown.

There are always structures put in place when it comes to payment of tuition fees. This system is also applied when it comes to admission. But what if I can’t afford the payment. This is where the system helps. The structure includes Indigene and Non – Indigene Payment, Catchment Area, Student Work-Study Scheme, Installment Payment, Scholarship Program. One of these will surely cater to any student. You just have to figure out which one will.

Looking at the tuition fee for Polytechnics in Nigeria, one might think the fee is affordable. This is the case when you are only looking at the tuition fee and not the other fees that are attached to the payment. It is not the tuition fee that makes the entire payment expensive, the addons make the payment pretty expensive. For instance, addons such as ICT, Excursion, Maintenance Fee, Student Union Levies, Identity Card Fees, Wireless Connection, Entrepreneurship Fee, add all of these to the tuition fee then you will realize that Polytechnics aren’t cheap at all. You are probably asking yourself right now after reading those addons: “how many of these things are been truly implemented?” that’s a good question. But that’s a story for another day.

Cut – off marks for Polytechnics.

When it comes to cut-off marks, the main purpose is to help sieve out students who meet all the requirement. All schools have their cut-off marks, even though they have been provided with benchmarks which they are supposed to work with. These marks differ in course – wise.

One area where students thrive and why the Polytechnics help a lot of students is the area of their cut – off the mark. As we speak, the average cut – off mark for universities in Nigeria stands at 180, while the cut-off mark for Polytechnics on average is 150. In a situation where students can’t meet the standard set by the State and Federal universities, the next and viable option is going for the Polytechnic. This makes these institutions very accessible when compared to universities.

The best way to go about the cut-off marks and tuition fees for different polytechnics is to look out for the school that catches your fancy. Then know you all need to know about that particular school before going any further. This is because not all schools are expensive. They all have different cut – off marks depending on the course you are going for.

There you have it. In our next article, we will be talking about Accredited List of State Polytechnics in the country. We will also be talking about Accredited List of Federal Polytechnics in the country. All of which should help you when making educational decisions in case you are looking for a school. Cheers.

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