How To Stay Awake All Night For Study[Part 1]

We can’t cheat nature. Everyone do say this as an excuse of not staying awake all night to study for exams. Although, this statement is true! but sometimes be have to cheat nature to achieve our desired aim.

In this article, I have gathered the most appropriate ways to stay awake all night to study for exams. I also spice it up with helpful discoveries to show that these methods actually work. No time, let’s proceed.

1. Feed On Healthy Diet

There is no doubt that foods we eat always influence our ability to study, work and so on. It should be noted that healthy diets are balanced diets which should contain all essential nutrients we need in right proportion of all classes of food (carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, mineral salt, roughages, water, fats and oil). Some healthy diet to eat are Salad, Soup, Potatoes and Lean proteins.

Well, not all foods make you better in academics. Hence, it is better you avoid them. High fat foods such as sugar, refined grains, dairy and high fibre foods are not advisable to eat but you can perhaps take monounsaturated foods such as nuts, olive oil and avocado because they improves brain function.

2. Be Hydrated

Water is life. We need water in almost all activities. Doctors recommend that, we should always drink at least 1 cup in the morning and night. In addition, you can also drink water during study at night. By so doing, your body parts become more active.

3. Chew Gum

Do I need to tell you what chewing gum is? I guess no!. However, Chewing gum will make you stay awake at night without been tired at all. Have you ever wondered why coaches (mostly football coaches) chew gum? I’m sure you might have observed that also. They chew gum simply because they want to be active all through the match.

Although, some individuals believe chewing gum is immoral. If that is your believe, then find something else to chew but never try chewing substances harmful to your health like rubber band, nylon or paper. Meanwhile, chewing gum lovers can continue the act.

4. Switch Subject

Reading single subjects for hours is quite good especially if you are very weak in it, but sometimes, you will notice something. What? At a point of studying, you get bored of such subject which might prompt sleepiness. In most cases, you try all you could just not to fall asleep but no avail. I have a remedy. It’s simple. Whenever you are tired of reading a particular subject, switch to another interesting one that will boost morale. After regaining activeness, you can change back to the previous subject.

Take for example, you may be tired of studying economics subject after several hours. Just switch to another subject relating to your department e.g commerce and move on. Economics will then be a later things.

5. Try Coffee

Coffee is a very effect way of making you stay awake all night to study for exams because it contains caffeine. Most high students practise this method a lot.

In fact, Mayo clinic recommends drinking 500mg to 600mg caffeinated beverages per day. Although, caffeine is hard drug but only present in minute quantity in coffee. Due to the fact that is hard drug, it might decrease blood flow towards the heart.

Let’s know how you feel by commenting below; Please share this article with friends and family. I’m gonna publish part two soon.

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