How To Study Effectively: Greatess Secret [Part 1]

Students who fail to study effectively do not put the blame upon themselves but on their teachers and the time given for an exam. This initiative makes them become a forever failure because they refuse to realise where the problem is coming from. Teachers have done their part by impacting the right knowledge. It is left for you to study excellently. When i say excellently, i mean the right way.

Exams require tough preparation in order to pass, be it internal or external. Thus, you can also get grade A if you can read effectively more than expectation.

How To Study Effectively For Exams

There might be other ways to study effectively but these are the excellent ways to study effectively for exams that worked for me.

Source For Several Reading Materials

Reading materials are those materials you can use to study effectively on a subject or topic and it can either hardcopy or softcopy.

Make sure you have them a lot, yes I said a lot because getting ideas from various sources can broaden your knowledge.

For example, it can be written in Essential Biology textbook that Cell is the structural and functional unit of life while in Ababio Textbook, defined it simply as the basic unit of life

Therefore, reading both textbooks make you know more than one definition of cell. Please note that your teacher only summarizes what’s in the textbook.

Discover Your Wake Points

Wake points are those subjects or topics you are not good at and try to find out which of them.

Maybe mathematics, physics, chemistry, literature, account, etc that seems difficult to you. Read their topics, and don’t skip to the next topic when it is not yet understood.

Study When It’s Cool And Quiet

You can wake up at midnight or set alarm to wake you in order to study. As for me, it’s one of my best way of reading. I strongly recommend this because at midnight, everywhere is silent, thus you can concentrate better than noon when it’s noisy.

Avoid Distractions

Distraction is any thing that interruptes you while studying. I will not say you shouldn’t operate your phone or laptop because you can also get reading materials from them online.

Apart from gadgets, there are some other disturbances you should avoid like noise, hence find a quite place to read with full focus.

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