These Brain Exercises – you should give it a try

These Brain Exercises – you should give it a try

The human brain is the most developed, yet the most complicated part of humans. One of the most powerful features of the brain is its ability to expand, not in size but ‘storage’ – I know that sounds weird, but all I am trying to say is; there are certain things you can do to get smarter and I will be sharing some of them with you. Not saying that these tips can turn a pinky to Professor X, but you get smarter than you currently are all thanks to these Brain Exercises.

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5 Weird Brain Exercises.

  1. Brushing your teeth with the non-dominant hand to boost your brain juice

As weird as this sound, it’s still worth trying. Studies have shown that using your non-dominant hand can help improve your brain health. This has something to do with the opposite side of your brain. This exercise allows for the substantial and rapid expansion of some parts of the cortex which controls and process all tactile information right from your hand. How it’s done? Simple, from the moment you are applying the toothpaste on your brush down to brushing your teeth, you’ve got to do all of this in reverse. Meaning, if your dominant hand is right, then use your left to do all of it and vice Versa. A simple Brain Exercise – don’t you think?

  1. Turning Objects Upside Down helps your brain a lot. 

Turning familiar thing upside down literally speaking can also be a great way to give your brain a boost. Normally, when you look at objects at right – side up, it is quickly label by your left brain (also known as the verbal brain); Once that’s done, it diverts your attention. Your right brain networks get activated when objects are turned upside down. It interprets the shape, describes the colour and the relationship of the picture. So, turn the pictures in your home, the clock on your office table or any other thing you can lay your hands on – turn them upside down.

  1. Open the car window.

We are used to closing the car window when we are on the move. That’s quite an understandable judging by the spate of killing and kidnapping going on – one has to be careful. You all know about the hippocampus, this part of the brain processes memories, it is usually involved in seeking out sounds, sights and smells too. It does this to construct a mental map. To do this mental exercise, as I have said earlier, open the car window, and try to identify new sounds and smells while you are on the road. Opening the car window gets you closer to all of these.

  1. Connect with people when you are less busy.

Social networking is great. Research has shown several times that depriving yourself of the social gathering will ultimately affect your entire cognitive skills. Technology isn’t helping. Swiping your credit card, using the vending machine, all of these habits won’t help you. Find the littlest (using that loosely) excuse to meet new people.

  1. Closing your eyes when you shower

The last exercise on our list seems to be the weirdest one amongst the five. Showering with your eyes closed lets you notice various textures of your own body, especially the parts which your eyes can’t see. If you are good at it, you can also shave, wash and many other things with your eyes closed.

These are just some of the brain exercises, there are lots more out there.


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