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Samsung galaxy buds pro review and price here in Nigeria, when it comes to in-ear headphones, I haven’t found a pair that works on Android like the ear pods do on the iPhone, over the last few years, Samsung has come close, there was the Galaxy buds and Galaxy buds plus, and last year we saw the bean shaped Galaxy buds live which promised noise cancelation but didn’t quite live up, this year Samsung is releasing the Galaxy buds pro with true noise cancellation and improved sound, but will this device live up to expectation? Find out in this Samsung galaxy pro buds review and price in Nigeria.

If you’ve been looking for a pair of in-ear headphones that just work, then keep reading, as I’ll share all the features that we found on the Samsung galaxy buds pro.

The galaxy buds pro comes in a fancy and portable black box with a photo of the box up front, when you open the box, you’re welcomed with the buds packed in its charging case, you’ll also see a medium sized boxed inside containing a USB-C to USB-A cable, you’ll also see a tiny black box containing some extra ear-tips.


The galaxy buds pro comes pre-charged, to set them up just open the case and a message will pop-up on your galaxy Smartphone, simply tap connect to pair the device with your Galaxy smartphone, According to Samsung, any device with your Samsung account signed in will automatically pair to the buds even if you didn’t pair manually, you should be able to seamlessly transfer from device to device, for example, you’re watching a video or playing a game with your Samsung galaxy and a call comes in, your buds pro will connect to the phones and the video will pause, once you’re done with the call, the video will resume playing and you’ll hear the sound from your tab,

Nobody wants to fumble around with settings on your phone just to get your buds to work with all your devices.

  • Quick nerve on the galaxy buds pro, there are four (4) ways to do it.
  • A widget on your phone.
  • Bixby using voice commands Via the Bluetooth menu.
  • Galaxy wearable App.

Apart from being able to access the equalizer and being able to adjust how much noise cancellation or transparency you get, one of my favorite features is find my ear buds which lets you ring your missing buds in case one goes missing.


Last year’s galaxy buds live was shaped like beans but the galaxy buds pro looks more sophisticated, they’re definitely some of the best looking ones in the market today, let’s get your take on that in the comment section below this post.

Samsung says they were designed to look less protrusive and look more natural, the outer touch surface has a mirror-like glassy finish.


You can tap to control your music, tap once to pause or play your music, double tap to play the next track, triple tap to play previous track, by default, tapping and holding is user changeable that is you switch between noise cancellation and transparency mode.


Fit and comfort

For the best noise cancellation on any kind of ear buds or over ear headphones, you need a good seal, this buds ships with 3 different size phone-tips so you can get the best fit, I checked the smallest one and they fit well. Even a bit of head bang seems to have kept them in, they can as well stay in your ear during road walks, in addition to that, these buds have an IPX7 water resistance ready which makes them good enough to use while working out. In terms of comfort, this device promises comfort even in prolonged use.


Intelligent Noise cancellation

The best part about the galaxy buds pro is it’s active noise cancellation, when you put it on, it can get rid of background noise or the hum from a heater, you’ll still hear the noise on a sub-way, but mostly other noise will be drained out, more so with music on, for someone who travels a lot or at least ones in a while, this noise cancellation buds is just perfect because you can just throw it into your backpack, instead of having to log around with big pair of headphones, it will also do the job of drowning out the sound of a baby crying nearby.


Intelligent ANC

This basically means you can start taking to someone even while using the buds pro, it will switch to transparency mode immediately someone talks to you, once you’re done, it will switch back to noise cancellation mode.

You can also set how long you want it to remain in transparency mode.


Sound quality

Well, Noise cancellation is only half the job done when it comes to the sound quality of the galaxy buds pro, inside the small buds is an 11mm woofer for bass sound production and a 6.5mm tweeter for treble sound production. Overall, the sound is great with sound balance between the treble and bass sound production which is something that is very important to music lovers, there is also a 360 degree audio settings that Mimicks low tide directional surround sound which is pretty cool. I was listening to some cool Naija Hip hop vibes recently, and I could hear the panning effects of the music, meanwhile if you’re a gamer, game mode will also reduce audio latency so you could hear those gunshots as fast as you can pull the trigger.

The Samsung galaxy buds have three microphones, one on the inside, two on the outside, there’s also wind shield tech that blocks out ambient noise so people on the other end of the car can hear you better.


Battery life and charching  

Samsung is promising five (5) hours of playback with ANC turned on, you can charge the buds by popping them into the case, in terms of charging speed, speaking of charging the case, and you can charge it by plugging it to a charger via USB-C cable or by popping the case down on a wireless charging mat.


Pricing and availability

The New galaxy buds pro is available in three (3) colors;

  1. Phantom Violet
  2. Phantom Silver
  3. Phantom Black

To match the newly announced Samsung Galaxy S21 series. They are available starting from January 15th on as well as other retailers at $199.99.

That’s it guys, thanks for reading through this post, don’t forget to share with your friends, if you have any suggestion, opinion, or question, please feel free to let us know via the comment box below the post.

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